Friday, July 23, 2010

Models, ready for your close up?

Meet the creative group behind the lens; Paz Turner Creative Group, a New York based Production Company, who direct and produce promotional model videos, also known as “Video Go Sees”. These videos are becoming increasingly popular, and useful for clients who can view them almost anywhere worldwide.

We recently caught up with the Creative Group to ask a few questions.

MTC LS: Who are some of your Clients?
PTCG: Clients include model agencies such as Trump, Ford, MC2 and Elite Models. We have also worked with the likes of Maggie Rizer, Elena Melnik, Lisa Cant and Ashley Smith, amongst other top models.

MTC LS: Whom would you love to work with?

MTC LS: Which models do you find are easier to work with Male or Female?
PTCG: The better looking they are, the easier it is... we are not gender specific.

MTC LS: What do you think is appropriate attire for a go see?
PTCG: Form fitting and trendy clothing is the most appropriate. Neutral colors, minimal make-up and heels are a must for females. In the words of Carlos Paz, "It’s better to be more Calvin Klein than John Galliano".

MTC LS: Can anyone get a model go see video, or just models signed with agencies?
PTCG: Anyone can get a Video Go See. Models come in all different shapes and sizes, and a Video Go See can only benefit. We work with all types, including models and actors/actresses.

MTC LS: Why not just Polaroid’s? Why a “Video Go See”?
PTCG: A polaroid is more of a documentation while a Video Go See not only documents but shows movement and personality; more of the model's essence.

MTC LS: What is the most enjoyable part of creating a “Video Go See”?
PTCG: The most enjoyable is when we hear from the models and agencies that they have booked a job as a result from their Video Go See.

MTC LS: What’s your favorite place to shoot a video? How do you decide where to shoot?
PTCG: Our favorite place to shoot is our rooftop studio.

Here is a preview on some of their most recent work.

ashley smith @ Trump
Ryan @ Major
Kenza @ elite

For more information on “Video Go See’s” and Paz Turner Creative Group, you can reach them @
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