Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cyril @ Select

This is Cyril From Select London,
He's got a gorgeous face, captivating eyes, and a rock hard body that will knock the socks off any campaign. Cyril enjoys boxing and getting tattoo's, He's a nice charming young man who kind of looks like a youthful version of Colin Farrell, he's our charismatic English cowboy and the new face of the week. We hope you like him!
Cyril is H 6'0, C 39", W 31", Hair/Brown, Eyes/Green, collar 15.5", inseam 32"

Monday, December 15, 2008

A "New Look" for Sarah Ruba

Sundays mornings at my house has religiously become a day to tidy up. Yes it's the only time I can display my Joan Crawford like behavior, you know, when I let my boyfriend know that I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at the dirt, also checking the closets for wire hangers, and having both dogs help me scrub the bathroom floor. I start off with putting on some new music, or I just put on the album I've been obsessing over in the last week or so. Luckily, a couple of weeks back I met the multi-talented Sarah Ruba, the lead singer of "New Look" (she was also cast as the new face of Converse by John Varvatos). Sarah gave me a copy of her new album New Look, which I had the opportunity to listen to today. I was so excited to hear the eccentric electro album the whole way through with out skipping to the next song, YES it's that good. The indie band is composed of Sarah Ruba & Adam Pavao, the home grown duo are busting beats and vocals right out of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and it's obvious that they definitely have a bright future in the music industry. It's one of those albums where the music is new, but has that familiar good funky feel about it. I actually thought at on point that I was listening to Moloko and Róisín Murphy, and in a different way the also could be the new "Everything But the Girl", which I have to say is an absolute compliment. It's easy on the ears, the vocals are great, and the beats are fresh. My favorites are the oh so functioning, "Function of love", also "Everything" the song is everything, and finally "So Real" will make you ready for a drink.

Be sure to check out New Look's album

Upcoming Shows
Mar 13 2009 9:00P
13th March // Sous Le Pont @ Showcase // Paris Paris
Mar 20 2009 9:00P
20th March // This Is Music @ The Legion // London London

IMG Has a Soirée Last Night

The party last night was very cute!:
in a time when company's are canceling their Christmas party do to an economic recession, IMG Models served it up!
The party was held at the posh new club RvD in the Meatpacking District. Gorgeous gals, beautiful men, agents galore, sexy music playing, and liquor flowing all night, lets just say these people know how to throw a party. Seen at the event were Liya Kebede, Hana, Alexandra, Alegra, Ujjwala, Kyle Hagler, ivan Bart, Charlotte Wagster, Mr. Prince, Peter Hanket .. and many many many bitches!!!


Today we had the joy of meeting the modeling worlds new power couple,
"Eliza and Ash" from Select Models London. The two came into our offices the same
way they are coming to America, by storm. They are oozing energy out of their extremely small and unnoticeable pores, they're full of optimism, enjoyment and it's very apparent that they enjoy what they do. We love you Guys!


I had the honor of meeting the talented Spanish duo directors
Felix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso this weekend.
They are in town for the premier of their new film, "Los Anos Desnudos" presented as a part of "Spanish Cinema Now!"
by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.
We met for brunch at the rambunctious, but lovely restaurant "Paris Commune" in the West Village Saturday afternoon.
Also attending was the talented legendary Spanish actress Bibiana Fernandez (Pedro Almodovar films), the cutting edge designer David Del Fin,
and his partner Gorka Postigo.

The film, takes place 40 years ago in an era after the fall of dictatorship in Spain, depicting the lives of 3 actresses who are typecast and in a series of rated "R" films.
The women develop a sisterhood bond after being exploited by a country still managed by machismo. It's refreshing and inspiring to see a film that takes you on a journey for an hour and a half, giving you a glimpse inside the lives of these daring, progressive, funny women who are unfortunate in love and destroyed by theirs dreams of stardom, with out all the exaggerated technology stuffed into American movies now a days. The Fashion styling is tremendous and I applaud the costume designer for doing an impeccable job at staying true to the 70's era (this alone makes the film worth watching), with white polyester jumpsuits, lapels lager than life, go-go boots that that rocked the dance floors, and colors that popped out of the screen. This Film is a must see!

"Los Anos Desnudos"
Written and directed by: Felix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso
Staring: Candela Pena, Goya Toledo, and Mar Flores

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Converse By John Varvatos

This Week, Campaign, Campaign, Complain

We just finished working on the Converse by John Varvatos campaign.
It was tough finding people with the "right look" for this project ...lets just say, "it was crazy"!
We had options on models from agencies around the planet, and some that appeared to be from Mars too?!
Sarah Ruba @ Next Models was the girl who nailed it! When I first saw her I immediately knew that she would be my first choice, and that she would impress the people @ YARD (the creative agency behind the campaign), as well as the team at Converse and John Varvatos.
The Canadian beauty flew in to the city last Monday from London to shoot the campaign.
Also chosen was Liu Wen @ Marilyn Models (love her!), the boys selected were: Taylor Riggs @ Red Models, and back from the "art scene" was Patrick Delancey @ Ford Models. And Marcus @ JV finally got his gig going, as he was also selected, he was the..... how shall i put it...... cherry on the top?.
The photographer chosen was Keiron Oconnor, and I must say, "Keiron is the BOMB"! In the end, everything (which at some point felt impossible) came together beautifully and we were all very happy with the outcome.

Below is Sarah Ruba stopping by mtc casting to say, "whats'up"!!?

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