Thursday, January 29, 2009

Llegaron "Los Delfines"

We are very happy to say that we are casting for the David Delfin runway show for F/W 09. The Spanish fashion house is invading NYC with its underground armada like iconic model Eleonora Bose, photographer Gorka Postigo, and sound specialist Diego Postigo. The surrealist David Delfin with his sinister yet polished designs, will show his interpretation of fashion for the first time in NYC this season. With his androgynous, deconstructed apparel, he also displays powerful messages through blurring the lines of fashion and art.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sophie Theallet

I am very excited to announce that we will be casting for Sophie Theallet’s F/W09 runway. I had the pleasure of meeting the talented, charismatic designer, who for 10 years worked as first assistant to the Godfather of design, Azzedine Alaia. After visiting her studio and viewing her collection up close, I can only tell you that it is beautiful, refined, and distinctive, mirroring the designer herself. With a front row of major fashion players, this is definitely a show not to be missed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fabulous City?

So many things have been said about the MTV show, “The City” since the Hills spin-off arrived in its mini skirt and Jimmy Choos to the JFK airport. Wasn’t Whitney the girl on the Hills who wanted to keep her life private and actually be taken seriously in the Fashion Industry? Well, it seems she has traded her name for a chance at 15 minute of NY stardom.
When I think of Whitney and fashion, the only thing that comes to mind is _____? Shows like these are exposing the fashion industry in distorted ways while making NYC seem like one big Meat Packing District where everyone effortlessly lives in high rises, wears high heels, and works in high-end fashion! Dream on!...DVF...WHY?



I have been settling back in NYC the past few days but wanted to fill everyone in on the Milan JV casting! It was such a long process. We saw hundreds of guys walk for 3 days! Once the casting was closed and the final models were chosen, Ash at Why Not had an epiphany at the 11th hour and decided that modeling just wasn’t in the cards for him (WTF!)? It took a full day of casting when finally at 10:30 pm, in walks Daniel Turner. He was working earlier that day but luckily made it! He was just what we were looking for, better late than never!

Check out the other model favorites from Milan, backstage and runway pics in the slideshow! Also, video from the castings on the top picks for JV F/W09!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Exciting news, the WWD Men’s John Varvatos Fall09/10 Collection exclusive pics are out today! In his featured article, “The Comeback Kid,” John Varvatos, explains his return to show in Milan and future plans for his growing biz! The men we cast for the shoot, Love Brading and Matt Hitt, skillfully exhibited Varvatos’s contemporary, cool collection complete with rock & roll tailoring! The styling, models, and collection are not to be missed!

Meanwhile back @ the ranch (mtc in manhattan)
As the migration of models to NYC begins a few weeks before Fashion Week, more fresh faces show up at our office each day. A couple of beauties worth mentioning Jamie Gunns (sexy, exotic look, walk needs work) she is @ Muse. We also saw Tyee who is 15y/o and new to the industry, she is @ Major.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Casting in Milan is going really well thanks to my team of assistants here.
We are finding lots of cool guys to fit the profile of the projects we are working on.
My favorite boys today were,
From Beatrice Models there was Martin Cannavo (who made the pre-casting cut and is from Paris!) also Lawrence, and Jethro Cave

From Why Not Models, Hubert Rapisardi (he’s 20 y/o and from Florence, a national product of Italy!)

From D’ Management, Matvey Likov.

I’ve also been keeping up through video and correspondence with my NYC team on all the new models in town. We saw many fresh faces but only a handful stood out, especially Bettine @ Muse Models. She is EVERYTHING! , including our featured FACE OF THE WEEK! Bettine just moves to NY from London. She’s sweet, bubbly, and her walk is ferocious!

Check back later for more Milano news! Ciao for now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It’s that time of the year again, when the beautiful, toned, moisturized, tanned and primped men by the thousands flock to Milan for Men’s Fashion Week. Even though I’ve made the fashion pilgrimage many times before, last night proved to be restless for me. I needed to make sure that everything (I’m talking outfit, documents, accessories, money, travel arrangements…everything!) was packed and ready for my 8 hour flight to Italy’s fashion capital. My first project there is the WWD (Women’s Wear Daily for those of you living under rocks!) Fall Preview photo shoot of John Varvatos FW09/10 Collection. The 2 models selected for the shoot are Matt Hitt from D Management and Love Brading from Future Models. Both guys possess an easygoing, free spirited, rock & roll sense of style about them, and I’m sure they’ll be perfect for this spread. Below are some pictures of the boys.

Next on my agenda: it’s men, men, and more men! Stay tuned to get the details on my venture, as I will be writing the blog from Milan and posting lots of pictures of all the hot boys we’ll see tomorrow for the pre-casting of the Men’s Runway Show. Oh and of course the juicy

Thursday, January 8, 2009


OOPS! ... after a couple of days of looking @ hot boys, grungy Eastsider's, commercial boredom, and a few guys that were 2steps from becoming ........., we're sad to say that the WWD Fall Preview shoot of John Varvatos has been postponed and is being moved to Milan! Nonetheless we are still excited to start the casting from scratch, the shoot will be on January 15th. Oh well! .. Check in later for more news, faces & updates on the selected models.


Today we had a few more models stop by for casting. The "go sees" were here for the WWD Collection Preview for JohnVarvatos F/W 2009, which we're really excited to be a part of. First here were newly signed, Brian Johnson at Red Models and Thomas Gibbons at Fusion Models. Both men had a great presence for being new to the Industry. Next we met Rob Thurston at VNY Models who had traveled from New York to Boston and back again in the last 24 hours to see us today! He was in good spirits about it despite the rainy, cold weather. The last model for the go-see was Sean at Fusion Models. His rocker look complimented his lifestyle
as not only a model but also a DJ and music producer.

Thomas Gibbons is height: 6'1" shirt: 33 waist: 30 inseam: 32
Rob Thurston is height: 6'2"
Sean is height: 6'1" waist: 29

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today we saw a few models for the WWD John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2009 Collection Preview. A couple stood out among the group. David F from VNY was one of them. He has the most entrancing eyes and charming smile, not to mention an incredible body! Andrew, also from VNY, has a very carefree, youthful look and a captivating stare. He has a lot future potential but needs to work on his walk. I talked with Hugo at NYM and found that he loves moving from city to city. He is a charming guy with a great smile and personality. I also saw the always cute, James Collins, Milan and Scott Duquette from NYM, and Nils Lawton from DNA. We will continue with more go-sees tomorrow for John Varvatos F/W 2009 Collection Preview!

David F is height: 6'0" shirt: 15 ½ waist: 31 inseam: 33
Andrew is height: 6'1" shirt: 15 ½ waist: 31 inseam: 34
Hugo is height: 6'1" shirt 15 ½ waist: 32 inseam: 33
James Collins is height 6'2" shirt: 15 ½ waist: 31 inseam: 33
Scott Duquette is height 6'1" shirt: 15 waist: 32 inseam: 33
Nils Lawton is height: 6'1" shirt: 16 waist: 31 inseam: 32
Milan is height: 6'1 ½" shirt: 15 ½ waist: 32 inseam: 32

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Night of Laughs, Big Names, and Fashion, with Sandra Bernhard

I finally had the chance to see the infamous queen of comedy Sandra Bernhard. This New Years Eve there wasn't a venue more suitable to see the queen in all her splendor then at NYC's entertainment den, Joe's Pub.
I snagged 2 tickets and dinner reservations that were to die for. I figured showing up 2 minutes fashionably early was safe, NOT! Immediately after arriving I was flabbergasted by the sight of hundreds of people waiting in line, in the rain, outside, to see the ferocious outspoken lesbian comic. We approached the front door feeling fabulous, bypassing the C-listers in line, which we happen to look at with such pity. With tickets in hand and the words reservations rolling off our tongue, we were ready for the doorman to usher us into the party. Instead we heard, "Back of the Line PLEASE"! Oh hell no!
As the lights went down Miss Bernhard appeared from out of the crowd at the bar, she was welcomed with big New York City love. Excited to be back in the city she didn't waste anytime, within a few seconds she was cracking jokes about Balenciaga, Comme De Garcons, and the cynicism that exist in the fashion world today. The woman is the epitome of sarcasm and produces a hysterical humor in doing so. She ripped into ignorant Republican's such as Rick Warren, then went on to speak of the kabbalistic love charade between Madonna & A-Rod, Demi & Ashton, then told us a little bit about the highs and lows of being friends with Stevie Nicks. The talented songbird belted out vocals with her East Village looking band. The Special treat of the evening was the finale, when Dixie chick Natalie Maines joined her on stage to sing a 1980's hit. She must have been feeling the NYC love returning to the stage for an encore, giving us a fiery rambunctious rock & roll version of Britney Spear's new hit "Circus". Miss Sandra ROCKED, I LOVED IT!


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