Monday, March 30, 2009

No Boy Toy Here

Meet Romulo @ Wilhelmina Men. Remember this hot Brazilian? He was booked as part of the infamous W Magazine spread with Madonna. He tell us it was a pleasure to work with her.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tyra Who? … Loca Please!

The Drag Race is OvA on RuPauls new hit show, “Drag race”. With all the tired shows on the main networks, we have to applaud Ru for bringing such an underground fierce production to the small screen, elevating the world of drag subculture to a whole new level.

Breaking it down:

BeBe Camarooooooooon snatched the Crown from the Ferocious Nina Flowers. The great opinionated Chanel became the cause of her own demise, and Rebecca ended up looking pretty… but not enough!

LOCA PLEASE America voted for you ... and so did we! We love you Ms Flowers!

Ru we wish you the best of luck on your second season, CAN’T WAIT!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look what came across the Pond

Meet Tom Guinness from Select London. This English lad stands 6'2.5", has gorgeous baby blues and cheek bones that could cut glass.

Get a Better Look at Me

Monday, March 23, 2009

Downtown L.A Fashion Week

Today we are giving you a 3 part blog on what L.A gave us!

We are back from our trip to Los Angeles and so excited that spring is now here!
Casting for the DLAFW was just as expected: the models for the show were exclusively from L.A Models, as a contribution to benefit the MOCA. We saw at least 100 girls, all were beautiful (predictable in LA) but 90% of them could not walk if their life depended on it. I would think that with all the sidewalks in L.A these girls would get out of their little hybrids and start practicing. Thank GOD for the other 10% whom we cast for the show!

The MOCA location is EVERYTHING! Before this event I had no idea that this place existed. Wow- Leanna Lewis did an amazing job at producing the show, which would rival those of NYFW. The real A-List ladies of L.A such as Marisa Tomei, Kelly Lynch, Lisa Rinna, Garcelle Beauvais, Janice Dickinson, Nicki Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Zoe Saldana, and Bai Ling to name a few, didn’t think twice about putting on the ritz, especially to be seen by the paparazzi on the red carpet (actually the event decide to do a black carpet?). My goodness there was fabulous drag queens, downtown street dancers, the amazing D.J Mark Lewis, a wicked FIERCE presentation by L.A based designer LOUIE VERDAD and photographer August Bradley, the fabulous DECADES 20th Century Glamour Fashion Show, and an after party all at the same event.
I had a blast! I want to thank all those who helped Leanna with their participated efforts to make this incredible art event benefiting the amazing MOCA come true! This is a new beginning for L.A. Special thanks to Leanna Lewis and her lovely crew, Jason Townsend, Petra Flannery and her assistant Marco Milani, Mark Lewis, Cameron Silver and all those wonderful people @ DECADES!

Later in true downtown L.A style, we headed over to the very “eastside art scene” club Bee’z Wax. Let me tell you the only place in L.A where people know how to walk the runway is here on this dance floor. Right around 1 am when the DL gay gangsters have had the right amount of liquor, they break out into an Xtravaganza’s VOGUE, and turn the club into a house ball, I loved it!

Here are pictures from a night of 20th Century L.A Glamour

Monday, March 16, 2009


Last night we attended a fabulous birthday party for A-list party promoter Damon @ the ultra chic night club TEDDY’S inside the glorious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The crowd was jamming to the Fresh music of Lady D.J. The Fabulous KELIS (who is being photographed by our dear friends, powerhouse photographer couple Roger Innes and Pieter Henket) made a special appearance to show off her latest accessory, a five-month pregnancy bump along with a short sexy stretch dress and leather boots. I had a chance to talk to her and she told me she would be dropping her new album this May. Also enjoying the party were songstress Appolonia who had her cocktail spilled into her beautiful bosom by actor Abel Soto, Madonna's ex boy-toy turned actor/model and now designer Tony Ward, hair stylist to the stars Jose Cantu and Mama MakeUp Joanne Gaire, P Diddy’s first man Mr. Bentley, the gorgeous Wendell @ Red Models, the fabulous Stylist Atiba Newsome, Lady Gaga’s Publicist Leah Landon, and many more celebrity whores.
Later we headed down to the very thuggish “Ballin” inside Fubar in West Hollywood to Indulge in male wickedness hosted by our friend and L.A nightlife advocate Hector Extravaganza. D.J Ben was spinning the hot tracks that made the designer labels slip right off our backs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LALA Land Bound!

We are off to LA! Downtown LA Fashion Week begins Friday and we will be casting for the show at the Geffen Contemporary in the MOCA. The event, produced by Leanna Lewis (who is married to the legendary DJ Mark Lewis...We love him!!) will not only celebrate fashion, but the proceeds benefit the MOCA. To kick off the event, Louis Verdad will show the Louver Collection, a series of dramatic installations photographed by August Bradley. The main event is a runway show in association with Los Angeles Magazine, presented by vintage aficionado Cameron Silver of Decades and hosted by actress, Rachel Griffith. Stylist, Sara Davenport will be behind the gorgeous looks as well as makeup by Christopher Del Castillo at MAC and Jonathan on hair. Models will show off gowns from top designers of the 20th century because we all know vintage couture and Hollywood mix better than martinis!

Bring on the hot weather and even hotter models!

(if you are in the LA area you can order tickets by going to:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LA Fashion Week...Is Anybody Going??

LA fashion week is just around the corner yet forever lost in the wake of the better-known fashion circuit of NY, London, Milan & Paris. With an economy as large as California, (according to the World Fact Book published by the CIA, if California were an independent state it would be the 10th largest economy in the world…and that’s is the lesson for today class!) how can it be that a place with so much wealth and commerce cannot get the rest of the world to notice and support its designers? These thoughts were solidified last season when Smashbox and IMG severed their fashion week partnership, Smashbox reps saying, “Nothing against [IMG], but I think that New York is their big focus and it’s difficult with everything they have going on all over the world. It would be hard for them to do L.A. on the level they do New York.”

When the rest of the country thinks of LA fashion, is all that comes to mind ripped jeans, flip flops, and bedazzled terry cloth playsuits? This could this be due to the closely intertwined entertainment industry overshadowing the fashion industry. There seems to be more attention on award show fashion coming from California.

There is the exception, like Richard Tyler, who was a fashion god in LA until he “sold out” to New York and corporate sponsorship (can LA catch a break!?) However, after taking a second look we discovered the caliber of designers like Tadashi, Louis Verdad and Eduardo Lucero is similar to designers showing in New York, yet they hardly get the attention they deserve. There seems to be so much potential to sell in California markets, maybe we should all start paying attention!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Tease

This weekend was so nice, and with weather warming up all over the country, it was a pleasant tease of what’s to come. However, New Yorkers demonstrated spring fever symptoms differently. In a land where we are forced to endure horrible weather in designer clothes and uncomfortably awesome shoes, a weekend like this was an opportunity for us to let it all hang out.
People flooded the streets, restaurants open their doors, and patio diners welcomed the fresh spring air. The warm weather was a catalyst to jumpstart the economic downturn as I saw many people actually SHOPPING! Heavy coats come off and the streets become a proverbial catwalk of the latest spring wear, although in Chelsea it felt like Gay Pride with all the boys running around in their tank tops and daisy dukes.
I didn’t mind waiting outside for a table at Bubby’s in Tribeca on Sunday. Sipping my delicious bloody Mary, I enjoyed watching all the haute looking people brunching (including Tyra Banks and Joshua Jackson). I hope the weather stays this nice and New Yorkers can come out of hibernation for good!

UPDATE (it’s Monday Morning and it’s cold/rainy AGAIN!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Peter Hidalgo: Refined

Peter Hidalgo makes a comeback back this season with a modern spin on a tailored vintage look in his Fall 09 collection. The talented designer presented his collection in Marion Greenberg's 57th Street Showroom. The stark and beautiful space was a stunning backdrop for the even more stunning collection from Peter Hidalgo.
Dominican Republic born, Hidalgo was the former design director of Miguel Adrover and launched his own label in 2006. His fall collection celebrates the hourglass figure of a woman, while being unforgivingly body contoured. In perhaps the cleverest interpretation of this seasons Recessionista chic; Peter created entire garments intricately patch-worked from beautiful fabric swatches sent to him by the Italian mills. Clever!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Golden Age

Yesterday, I called my dear friend, super model Esther CaƱadas to wish her a happy birthday. The gracefully aging beauty who once walked for Gucci, Chanel, McQueen, Valentino, YSL and so on, has turned in her catwalk pumps and is now soaking up the good life in Madrid.
Funny thing is, I let her know that later that evening I would be attending a DKNY Men’s fragrance party at the Rivington Hotel in honor of her ex-husband the male Giselle, Mark Vanderloo. The party was very chic thanks to PR guru Deborah Hughes. As we sipped cocktails and took in the city views at the penthouse, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous Eric Mabius, and Blake Lively, among party-goers.
Later, I jetted up to the Bourgeois Pig to celebrate the coming of age of another dear friend, Lilly Chu of Yard. She was surrounded by her charming friends and family, making the party very intimate and celebratory! HAPPY B-Day EVERYBODY!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All About Eliza

Eliza @ Select is MTC Casting’s face of the season. The fierce “It” model arrived in NYC direct from London this past Fashion Week serving top model on the catwalk; we were very excited to work with her! She opened Custo Barcelona and followed Chanel Iman in Akiko Ogawa. Eliza will also be gracing the cover of Italian Vogue next month!

Why we love her: Eliza possesses a badass rocker underground appeal, which translates well with trends on the runway. Aside from her beauty, she is a total professional and a pleasure to work with. We hope to see her back in the states soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Illusions of Grandeur

Looking at the collections in New York, London, and now Milan, we have been marveling at all the beautiful clothing. However, I can’t help but think, who is going to wear this? Not because it is outlandish or over the top, but simply because it is too expensive.

This weekend, I had a chance to visit a few boutiques and noticed what a ghost town the designer shops have become (Yet I can barely stomach waiting in the Barney’s warehouse sale line) As shop stylist are being laid off all over, it seems as though designers have not been halted or inspired by the times. Who can afford a 20K jacket right now? (who can even afford a 1K one at that?) Where is the wearable, more affordable clothing that is going to let retailers bounce back?

Being in this industry, I love high fashion, but in order for all of us to keep doing what we love, we will all have to make adjustments and adhere to what the customer is going to buy. This may be the time to de-throne the Balenciaga’s and Dolce’s (who are still sending 30K dollar dresses down the runway, who my inside sources tell me do not even sell at Barneys) and make way for smaller, more business-minded designers who have a better sense of reality.

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