Monday, January 5, 2009

A Night of Laughs, Big Names, and Fashion, with Sandra Bernhard

I finally had the chance to see the infamous queen of comedy Sandra Bernhard. This New Years Eve there wasn't a venue more suitable to see the queen in all her splendor then at NYC's entertainment den, Joe's Pub.
I snagged 2 tickets and dinner reservations that were to die for. I figured showing up 2 minutes fashionably early was safe, NOT! Immediately after arriving I was flabbergasted by the sight of hundreds of people waiting in line, in the rain, outside, to see the ferocious outspoken lesbian comic. We approached the front door feeling fabulous, bypassing the C-listers in line, which we happen to look at with such pity. With tickets in hand and the words reservations rolling off our tongue, we were ready for the doorman to usher us into the party. Instead we heard, "Back of the Line PLEASE"! Oh hell no!
As the lights went down Miss Bernhard appeared from out of the crowd at the bar, she was welcomed with big New York City love. Excited to be back in the city she didn't waste anytime, within a few seconds she was cracking jokes about Balenciaga, Comme De Garcons, and the cynicism that exist in the fashion world today. The woman is the epitome of sarcasm and produces a hysterical humor in doing so. She ripped into ignorant Republican's such as Rick Warren, then went on to speak of the kabbalistic love charade between Madonna & A-Rod, Demi & Ashton, then told us a little bit about the highs and lows of being friends with Stevie Nicks. The talented songbird belted out vocals with her East Village looking band. The Special treat of the evening was the finale, when Dixie chick Natalie Maines joined her on stage to sing a 1980's hit. She must have been feeling the NYC love returning to the stage for an encore, giving us a fiery rambunctious rock & roll version of Britney Spear's new hit "Circus". Miss Sandra ROCKED, I LOVED IT!


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