Thursday, May 28, 2009

CFDA going Idol

Yesterday the COUNCIL OF FASHION DESIGNERS OF AMERICA (CFDA) announced the new award for the upcoming fabulous "Fashion Awards": The "POPULAR VOTE AWARD"!

Sponsored by L'Oréal Paris, for the first time in the History of Fashion, the public will be able to vote for their favorite American Designers through the web:

The winner will be Awarded on June 15th 2009 at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

It's a great and wonderful idea! Let's give to "el Pueblo" (que unido jamas sera' vencido) the option of election! Why not?

This really means the World is changing! In recent election we had our first Black-American President elected in the USA who also recently nominated Sonia "from le Block" as the fist Latina on the Supreme Court (about time!). Now the general public is voting for Fashion Awards! If we can just fix the damn economy, we will be alright!

We’ll hold our breath to find out who will get the prize!!!
& BTW, YES! You bet we’re going to vote!

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