Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Model As Muse

Last night the glitterati donned fashion’s most powerful labels and flocked to The Costume Institute’s ‘Model as Muse’ Gala to pay homage to whom else, but those that transform clothing to creation -- The Model. Honorary chair of the event, Marc Jacobs eloquently summed the impact of models on the industry when he spoke to WWD, “The idea of muses or model, whether it is someone you know or someone you have seen in an image, someone of your imagination or a creature of your own invention, is important to every designer and every collection.” What were once deemed brainless beauties are now celebrated as muse, inspiration, and oftentimes, celebrity. This illustrious status can be attributed to the Father of Couture, Charles Frederic Worth, who is considered responsible for the creation of the “model” as we know her today. She works 16 hour days, teetering in 5 inch heels, contorting herself at the photographers whim, all the while maintaining a stunning façade. It is her that young girls idolize, to whom designers turn when seeking inspiration, and that bring fashion to life. She is style, she is muse, she is model -- and we at MTC Casting are thrilled to discover her on the street.

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