Wednesday, June 3, 2009

+ 39.02 ... MILAN CALLING!

We’re heading to Milan for the men’s Runway shows, June 20th to 24th, and we’re already starting to receive model comp card packages ... Exciting!

Future, Why Not and 2morrow men are the first packages to be arrive.

The news:

It’s a sad day at Beatrice Model Management, as the “Back Bone” of the company Patrizia Wassermann has announced her departure and the birth of a new agency, ”I LOVE MODELS MANAGEMENT”. We can’t wait to see the guys they will rep.

We hear that after a nervous break down last season (that personally put us through hell), Ash @ Why Not is back! Last season is old news, we love Ash and wish him the best, and hope that he keeps it together this season! We know how tough this industry can be, especially for a kid his age.

ALSO: Ethan previously @ Beatrice, has switched agency and is now represented by Future. Finally, Michael T (who we booked directly from Success Models in Paris last season) is now with Why Not, which is a good catch for them!

We look forward to see Lukas K, Francisco L, Alban, Mark, Rob M, Gordie, Fletcher, Andreas C, Viggo J … and many more!

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