Tuesday, June 23, 2009


6:30AM call time! 11 models on time, the rest of them are arriving little by little … everyone is tired, a few models are hangover, a few didn’t sleep at all! Straight from the scenes of fashionable Milan …
8:15 - Lyle, Baptiste, Cole and Lenz are M.I.A! Nowhere to be found … They don’t answer their cell phones (including some of their agents) and I'm texting their agents in NYC … Dave at Red is up & running at 2:30AM NY time (God bless him for that!) but Lyle is still M.I.A. Last to arrive is Baptiste at 8:45, right on time for rehearsals (maldito!). He apologizes, his 6 alarms didn’t do the trick. It’s all good! We are all in the house and ready to go!

Stephan from “nine daughters and a stereo” in Colon is dethroning Lyle from opening last season. Lyle is closing and opening the finale.

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