Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Illusions of Grandeur

Looking at the collections in New York, London, and now Milan, we have been marveling at all the beautiful clothing. However, I can’t help but think, who is going to wear this? Not because it is outlandish or over the top, but simply because it is too expensive.

This weekend, I had a chance to visit a few boutiques and noticed what a ghost town the designer shops have become (Yet I can barely stomach waiting in the Barney’s warehouse sale line) As shop stylist are being laid off all over, it seems as though designers have not been halted or inspired by the times. Who can afford a 20K jacket right now? (who can even afford a 1K one at that?) Where is the wearable, more affordable clothing that is going to let retailers bounce back?

Being in this industry, I love high fashion, but in order for all of us to keep doing what we love, we will all have to make adjustments and adhere to what the customer is going to buy. This may be the time to de-throne the Balenciaga’s and Dolce’s (who are still sending 30K dollar dresses down the runway, who my inside sources tell me do not even sell at Barneys) and make way for smaller, more business-minded designers who have a better sense of reality.

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